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Karroubi announces protests for anniversary of June 12 election

Opposition leader Mehdi Karroubi has announced that the opposition will be carrying out marches on the first anniversary of the June 12 presidential election. In an interview with German weekly Der Spiegel to be published on Monday 26 April, Karroubi said “we have requested authorisation for the demonstrations” to mark the anniversary of the presidential election of June 2009.
“Even though calm has been restored, [Iranian] society is just waiting for a single spark,” said Mr Karroubi, referring to the growing dissatisfaction among various sectors of Iranian society due to the continuing mismanagement of the country. “The people should know that we will continue our fight. Our fight is not against the Islamic Republic but it is for the implementation of the constitution in which freedom of thought and democracy are guaranteed.” Excerpts from Mr Karroubi’s interview with the German weekly were published today on the National Trust Party’s official website Saham News.
Also, Mr Karroubi’s wife, Fatemeh Karroubi, denied the rumours currently circulating in the government controlled media about Karroubi’s “untreatable disease” and terrible health condition and warned that authorities would be held accountable for anything that would happen to any of her family members. Recently, a campaign was launched by pro-government media to spread false news regarding the deterioration of Karroubi’s health. This has led some to believe that those behind the spread of such news might be preparing the groundwork for possible plots against the popular politician.

source: The Green Voice of Freedom [1]