February 2010

“Coming protests even more drastic”

February 28, 2010

In an interview Dr. Hamid-Reza Jalayipour (sociologist & university professor, Tehran) has made an analysis of the behavior of the Iranian Regime and the opposing ‘Green Movement’

Imaginary Tehran

February 26, 2010

Tehran is the heartbeat of Iran. It is the place where an invisible hand keeps making new sketches for the future. It is a patchwork where all forces and thoughts of Iranian society meet; all differences in ethnicity, religion, intellectual movements, ideology and lifestyle.

The power of words

February 26, 2010

To cut a long story short: it was Hafez who brought me to where I am today. I was madly in love, and that is a feeling no poet has described more compellingly than Shams ادامه مطلب…

Lessons from the past, lessons for the future

February 26, 2010

Which other 20th century regimes can Tehran be (partially) compared with, and what are the historical precedents that Iranian insurgents should keep in mind today

The courage to seek the truth

February 25, 2010

The unfortunate reality is that Iranian politics has been shaped and practiced for over centuries within a culture of violence that too often rewards unjust and criminal behaviors

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