Iranian intellectuals support Syrian and Arab democratic demand

6 May 2011

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Today, more than hundred Iranian intellectuals, political activists, human rights defenders, and university professors have issued a statement in support of Syrian and other Arabic people democratic demand, also condemning the Iranian support for the Syrian suppression of people’s protests.

“Their struggle”, the group writes, “demonstrates the indomitable reality that the twenty first century is the era of the demise of despotic states in any shape and form”, adding however that the democratization of this region is a gradual process and will take time to materialize.

Still, the statement does not close its eyes for “the direful façade of the authoritarian regimes which would not abstain from any heinous crime in order to stay in power is alarming.”

A large part of the statement goes on to condemn the Iranian support for oppressing people’s peaceful demands: “There is some evidence that suggest the theocratic regime of Iran is lending a hand to the government of Syria in crushing the peaceful movement in that country with bloody and apathetic measures. (…) We, the undersigned vehemently censure Iran’s meddling in Syria and its collaboration with the autocratic regime of Bashar-Alssad in activities that violate the human rights of Syrian citizens. We stand in solidarity with the Syrian people in their demand for democracy and freedom. Iran’s regime falsely claims that the Syrian movement is provoked by foreign states while even Israel, Syria’s official enemy, is not asking for a regime change in Syria.”

The statements also mentions “Iran’s extensive communications with the oppressive regime of Syria and the invasion of Bahrain by Saudi Arabia directed at crushing the peaceful democratic movement in Bahrain”, which “are two different adverse ways of foreign initiatives that has undermined the basic and fundamental rights of the citizens for transient gains of the governments in place.”

The only acceptable path to shape the future, according to the statement, is that these countries pursue the people’s will without foreign intervention.

In the end, the statement addresses the international community: “All the pertinent international laws should be applied to stop the state violence against the peaceful demonstrators. In this endeavor disenfranchising those states that resort to bloodshed to crush peaceful demonstrators seems to be the appropriate course of action.”

Finally, the signatories stress the similarities between Iran and Syria: “Both Iranians and Syrians are affected by despotic regimes having close and extensive strategic relationship with each other. Successful democratic changes in both countries can lead to a lasting and constructive alliance between them. We believe that the bitter experience of Islamic Republic of Iran that took over the country after the revolution of 1979, and the path followed by developed countries in the world in the past several decades has entailed the need to emphasize on democracy and rejection of ideological state of government. A democratic system of government has a greater potential to foster progress, equal opportunities, respect for human dignity, and cultivating peace and freedom.”

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