“We only want students loyal to Revolution”

6 Mar 2010

Mehr Agency reports that Kamran Daneshjoo, minister of Science, Research and Technology, heavily criticized students who protest against the elections results. He did this during a gathering with the head of universities: “According to ayatollah Khomeini, the founder of the Revolution, the university must be a place for creating better individuals. The majority of our students and lecturers are revolutionary and loyal to our system. Those who are not – and I declare this without any hesitation – should leave. It is not a sign of being an intellectual if you go and protest against the results of presidential elections. Respecting the law and our holy religion is the real meaning of being an intellectual. All over the world, universities have the common goal of educating the new generation and pushing forward the knowledge of mankind about himself and the world. The difference is that in the West, universities are obsessed with individual freedom, which creates egoism and damages communities and collectiveness. For us, it is all about learning to be human.”
Pointing at the protests since the June 2009 elections, Daneshjoo added: “Unfortunately, since the presidential election, some people have been trying to weaken the sympathy of our youth for velayat faghih (the principle of a religious leader at the top of the state). I am saying loud and clear: we only can use people at our universities – students and teachers and researchers – who believe and practice Islam and are loyal to velayat faghih. We need lecturers who bring up students who can be the backbone of Islamic Republic. And we have enough suitable people. And I declare without any shame: we will get rid of the others.

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