Islamic Iran participation Front condems arrest of ‘Green lady of Iran’

5 Mar 2011

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In a statement, the reformist Islamic Iran Participation Front has condemned the arrest during Tuesday’s protests of activist Fakhrosaadat Mohtashamipour, the wife of former Minister of Interior Mostafa Tajzadeh.

The IIPF claimed:

“The strange and unwise actions of the coup leaders, more than being the indication of a popular, strong government, resemble that of one on the verge of bankruptcy. Not only can they not run the country, but they are also unable to understand the demands of the nation. The arrest of hundreds of the most honorable people on the streets and the house arrest and imprisonment of the Green Movement’s leaders and their wives have not only not discouraged the people, they have caused larger segments of the society to join the movement who, up until now, had avoided doing so for whatever reason. The arrest of the courageous, honorable, and Green lady of Iran, Fakhr ol-Sadat Mohtashamipour, is another indicator of the inability of the coup leaders.”

Former president Mohammad Khatami met with Fatemeh Tajzadeh, the youngest child of Tajzadeh and Mohtashamipour. He expressed his deep regrets over the arrest of Mohtashamipour and said, “I believe that such tactics have no effect other than hurting the Islamic Republic. We expected that on the eve of the new Iranian year [which begins 21 March] all the political prisoners would be released, including the dear Tajzadeh, but instead, they have arrested his wife as well.” He called Mohtashamipour a “lioness” who has always helped the families of political prisoners.

source: Enduring America

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