Khatami: “Legitimizing unfair rule by religion disastrous”

5 Mar 2010

According to the Iranian Labour News Agency (ILNA), former Iranian president Mohammad Khatami said yesterday during the distribution of an environmental prize: “Unfortunately, we are witnessing on a world scale more war than genuine peace and harmony. And if there is peace, it has been brought by using force and military threat. This is not the real peace. Unfortunately, war has been inextricably bound up with the history of human beings. But it is a most worrisome development that since the end of the twentieth century, wars and conflicts have been defined and framed within the so-called ‘clash of civilizations’. In reality, civilizations are never in war. If you make a close reading of history, you would understand that during wartime, it is the habit of politicians and representatives of cultures and civilizations to always try to have a dialogue with each other. Leaders who care for human beings should struggle for peace. They should neutralize violent and extremist forces, whether national or international. It is only in peace that humankind can fully develop its consciousness and meaning. Peace, and not only peace within and between nations, but also between humans and nature, beteen humans and animals – because we can clearly see how the aggression of humankind against nature is damaging us all.”
Khatami ended with his statement by saying that “forgetting the creator and the gift he has been putting in our hands is a disaster. But it is even worse when people legitimize their unfair rule and goals and force it on people in the name of God and holiness.”

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