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Parliament silent on Tehran campus scandal

۱۳ اسفند ۱۳۸۸

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On February 21st, BBC Persian broadcasted an unreleased film about the attack of police and paramilitary forces at Tehran University campus on June 15th, just three days after the presidential elections. This 18 minute-film shows the harsh, massive and systematic attack at Tehran University and resulted in protest and indignation both in Iran and abroad. The police force is not allowed to enter Tehran University without a formal request for assistance from the Head of University. The Head of Tehran University denied any request to enter the University during the night of June 15th.
Meanwhile, a committee led by the Iranian parliament chairman Ali Larijani was supposed to investigate this case. But after more than seven months, there is no news of what the committee has found out. Yesterday, the speaker of the minority fraction of the Reformists in parliament referred to the BBC film and demanded the results of the investigation committee “to be published as soon as possible”. In a reaction to this announcement, Reja news and other pro-Ahmadinejad government media accused the minority fraction of the Reformists of following the BBC agenda and manipulating public opinion.

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