“We need a tougher law against journalists”

4 Mar 2010

After the recent closing down of the reformist newspaper Etemad and the criticism following this limitation of the freedom of press, Mohammad Ali Ramin, Secretary of State of the Ministry of Culture, said this in a television interview: “In the United States and in Europe, they don’t close the newspapers; they just ban journalists who are guilty of trespassing the rules and regulations of their profession. But in Iranian law as it is now, this is impossible. That leads too a small minority of journalists we keep being confronted with and who go on preaching anarchy and unrest. But we have good hopes that soon, the Majlis (Iranian parliament) will ratify a new law making it possible to ban guilty journalists from their profession.
In a reaction, Mashallah Shams Al Waezin, a well-known Iranian journalist and the spokesman of the association of defending free press in Iran, said that the situation of journalism in Iran is dramatic. “In the last nine years, 370 newspapers have been closed by the state, accused of being a danger for the regime or Islam. About 400 Iranian journalists have been forced to leave Iran during those nine years.
Jaras news reports that at this moment, about 70 Iranian journalists are facing difficult circumstances in North Iraq and Turkey, awaiting for asylum in another country.

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