“Promoting awareness and knowledge in society”

24 Jun 2010

Yesterday, there was a new meeting between Iranian oppposition leaders Mir-Hossein Mousavi and Mehdi Karroubi. The statement released on this occasion emphasized on the following issues:

Emphasize the respect for Marja (Grand Ayatollahs) and their high stature in Shi’a: Mehdi Karroubi and Mir Hossein Mousavi pointed out the history of Shi’a [religion] since Imam Mahdi’s (Shi’a’s hidden Imam) absence and the establishment of the religious scholars. They considered Marja as one of the most important foundations of the society; Shi’as have respected this for centuries and have never allowed and will not allow any person or group to insult the stature of Marja. They emphasized that no government or authority can remove the love of these guardians of the religion from the hearts of the believers by relying on a group of thugs, and therefore they condemned the premeditated unprecedented insult and offence of a group sponsored by the government and their illegal entering to the house of Grand Ayatollah Sane’i and destroying the properties in his office as well as the house of late Grand Ayatollah Montazeri.

Weakening the stature of the Parliament is cause for concern and sorrow:Karroubi and Mousavi expressed their sorrow and concern for the weakening of the legislative branch [by the government], which started by making an excuse out of the bequeathing of Azad University to charity. They emphasized that, according to the Constitution, the legislative branch acts via the Parliament and this Parliament approves laws for all public affairs as asserted by the Constitution. However, some don’t even respect the stature of this Parliament. Karroubi and Mousavi pointed out the government’s denying the people’s legal and legitimate request to hold a silent demonstration, while an organized group, in complete security, attacks whoever and wherever they want. Karroubi and Mousavi emphasised that it is necessary that everyone stands against these kinds of actions that diminish the stature of the legislative branch and the ability of the members of the Parliament and that they don’t allow those fleeing from the law to achieve their illegitimate goals with these kinds of methods.

Condemning recent arrests: The current security trend and recent arrests, especially the arrests of a number of outstanding and elite students of the country were discussed, and both men pointed to the chaotic situation of the detention centres and prisons which have imposed hard conditions on country’s political prisoners. They called this trend a contradiction to the country’s rules and regulations.

Efforts for promoting awareness about the fundamental rights and freedoms, especially among various unions and groups: At the end of their joint meeting, both men once again emphasized othe rightful demands of the Green Movement and the role of promoting awareness and knowledge in the society about the assured rights and fundamental freedoms of all classes of the society. They called on all groups, especially unions, to make efforts to raise awareness among the various layers of the society about their rightful and legitimate demands.

source: Enduring America

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