Mousavi calls for Green Movement radio and TV

14 Jun 2010

In a recent cyber press conference – a first of its kind in Iran – Green Movement leaders Mehdi Karroubi and Mir-Hossein Mousavi responded to questions raised by a number of representatives from Green Movement media including the Green Voice of Freedom.
When asked about the Green Movement’s strategies and future prospects, Mousavi said that the movement began with the slogan of “Where is my vote?” But, after the “suppressions, torture and killings,” the people found out that the country’s problems were far more widespread than previously thought and therefore other slogans were introduced. He argued that the campaign to raise awareness through the social networks in the country was “unprecedented” in the past hundred years.
Karroubi meanwhile stressed that the cause of the post-election turmoil was also rooted in earlier elections including the two most recent parliamentary elections as well as the 2005 presidential election which saw Ahmadinejad rise to power. “These were all the beginning of these incidents. The people were enthusiastic [about the election] and did not want those incidents to occur. Before, we always told the people that ‘fraud is limited to two or four million and you should come to the polling stations’ and when the people came in those numbers, everyone accepted that the turnout was around 85 % and when the results were announced, all these [grievances] accumulated and the explosion of the people occurred.”

The importance of the media

Mousavi noted that one of the success stories of the 2009 election was people’s “sensitivity” towards information and the “explosion of information” that took place both before and after the election itself. “Information always exists among the public, yet the issue is seeing this information. The people gradually felt the need for moving towards analysing [the information] and to see things better and more clearly. The result was this [sudden] distribution of information. From the start it was anticipated that the state media would not allow this information to be conveyed to the people and for national interaction to occur, despite [the state media’s] obligations under the constitution. If they had allowed the people to express themselves through the national media, many of the political issues and the crises would not have occurred … It has obstructed any form of discourse. Those who said that we have a majority of 64% [of the votes] have shown that it is not so. He who has this many votes should not be afraid of the people’s gathering.”
The former prime minister said that although cyber media had existed before the elections, their usage was “transformed” because of the Green Movement and has expanded since. He also called on students and those present in the online social networks to further adopt a national approach and to extend the sphere of their networks to workers and other sectors of society.
Speaking on the issue of media, Mousavi added that despite the potential of the internet in filling the gaps left behind by the state media, “efforts must be made to establish international television channels outside the country.” He said that the media campaign for the Green Movement must become more organised and pervasive while stating, “those friends, who are thinking about this issue, must speed up their efforts for launching radio stations and television channels. It is the right of our nation to have channels of information.”

Media and freedom

During the press conference, one of the reporters asked whether the men had any hope that the regime would submit to the people’s demands. Mousavi said that the materialisation of these demands required the “strong presence of the people.” “If this presence is strengthened, it will lay the foundations for a transformation and change which will benefit the people, especially if the demands are righteous and pursue national interests and have the backing of the people.”
“If in certain countries there is freedom, it is because of strong media and people seeking their demands and the rulers are forced to surrender to their will. If the leaders commit the smallest mistake, they will fall and cannot remain in power, even if their errors are one thousandth of the errors taking place [in Iran].”

Read more about the press conference on http://en.irangreenvoice.com/article/2010/jun/13/2066

source: The Green Voice of Freedom

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