Zahra Rahnavard: “Iran’s leaders act contrary to religion”

31 May 2010

Zahra Rahnavard, wife of opposition leader Mir-Hossein Mousavi, has issued a statement on the occasion of women’s week in Iran and the birth of the Prophet Mohammad’s daughter Zahra. In the statement, which was published by Mousavi’s official website Kaleme on Sunday, Rahnavard argued that “despite the exceptional unity in the Green Movement, it was full of pluralism and this uplifting and diversity provided an opportunity to pay tribute to all of humanity’s beautiful conducts and to respect all models for seeking justice and freedom in the world.”
Referring to the tragic martyrdom of the Prophet Mohammad’s daughter Zahra, Rahnavard stated: “We will not forget for a moment what suffering she endured for elevating and promoting Islam”. She added that her path would continue to last for “believers and seekers of freedom.” Rahnavard stressed the need for a modern and contemporary approach towards the personality of Zahra and maintained that the conduct of the current rulers of Iran is far from being based on true religious practices and is in fact “contrary to religious behaviour.”
“Can one accept the notion that this regime has a belief in Zahra while it lies to such an extent at the same time and suppresses women and men and stifles freedoms by silencing everyone?” she asked. “Alas, during this very week and day, the regime is unable to hear the cries of children who weep for having been separated from their mothers in captivity. Innocent children, who impatiently wait and yearn for the compassion and caress of their mothers either imprisoned or killed in cold blood, while only God is their refuge.”
Rahnavard also called on the current rulers of the country to “value this great opportunity” and to “release political prisoners.” “Release all prisoners as a sign of respect towards Zahra and start doing so by freeing women prisoners. Be certain that you will not be belittled and no one shall claim that you have backed out. This will be followed by press freedom, individual liberties, and non-interference in the people’s private lives, free elections, freedom and democracy.”

source: The Green Voice of Freedom

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