Political prisoners on hunger strike in solidarity with Tavakoli

28 May 2010

A number of political prisoners in Evin prison have declared their solidarity with Majid Tavakoli by joining in on his hunger strike. According to RAHANA, one of the prisoners on hunger strike announced the news and criticized the illegal behaviour of prison officials and requested them to be more tolerant with their critics.
Majid Tavakoli is an Amir Kabir University student who protested the results of last year’s presidential election. Security forces transferred him to solitary confinement for a period that is supposed to last 20 days, as a result of protesting the act of blindfolding prisoners to a representative of the Prosecutor’s office who had paid a visit to the prison on Sunday.
According to media reports, Majid Tavakoli’s transfer to solitary confinement was ordered by Tehran Prosecutor Abbas Jafari Dolatabadi. These same sources report that toward the end of last week, Majid Tavakoli wrote a letter regarding the current situation in Iran. The letter led to severe reactions by security forces. Upon knowledge of the letter, Ministry of Intelligence agents threatened to kill Tavakoli.
Another one of the prisoners on hunger strike expressed concern about Majid’s physical condition and said: “Unfortunately, young people like Majid who express their criticism in a civilized and peaceful manner face haste responses by security and intelligence forces rather than being treated with tolerance and understanding.” He added: “Today, May 26, 2010, is the fourth day of Majid’s hunger strike (both food and water). In one or two more days, Majid’s condition will deteriorate gravely.”

source: Persian2English

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