Mousavi accuses Islamic Republic of “corruption”

27 May 2010

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Mir-Hossein Mousavi has said that the Islamic Republic politics and economy are riddled with “organized corruption” which in turn is supported by “superstition.” He condemned the omission of Management and Planning Organization, sensitivity toward the keyword of “development”, and ignoring the five-year development plans as signs of permeation of “superstitious thinking” into the body of the government.
Mousavi, speaking during a meeting with the youth branch of the National Trust Party of Mehdi Karroubi, also expressed concern about the “negative approach” of the government to political organizations. He condemned the call for banning the two reformist organizations, Islamic Iran Participation Front and Mojahedin of Islamic Revolution of Iran.
The opposition leader called on political organizations to support each other in claiming their right to political activity and also encouraged mergers between these organizations in order to establish larger political entities.

source: Radio Zamaneh

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