Jafar Panahi released on heavy bail

26 May 2010

Iran has released film director Jafar Panahi after more than two months in custody. The acclaimed film-maker had been held in Tehran’s Evin prison after voicing support for opposition candidate Mir-Hossein Mousavi in last year’s disputed election. He was released on a bail of $200,000.
ISNA reports that Tehran Revolutionary Court has announced that Panahi’s release has been secured by the order of his interrogator and the approval of Tehran Prosecutor General. The case of Jafar Panahi, according to this report, is sent to the Revolutionary Court of Tehran after the issuance of his indictment. Panahi was arrested over three months ago at his home by Iranian security forces. Last Sunday he announced that he has gone on a hunger strike in protest to his “ill-treatment in prison, threats and baseless accusations.” He set three demands in order to end his strike: “contact and visiting privileges with his family, right to a lawyer and release without conditions until his trial.”
International pressure had been growing on Iran to release Mr Panahi, and he was the subject of an impassioned protest by actress Juliet Binoche as she accepted an award at the Cannes Film Festival.

sources: Radio Zamaneh, BBC News

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