Mousavi: “You cannot govern by filling prisons”

24 May 2010

Iranian opposition leader Mir-Hossein Mousavi once more insisted on the “return to people” and the recognition of their right to shape their fate as the only path to resolve Iran’s problems. At the threshold of May 24, the anniversary of the liberation of the city of Khoramshahr in the Iran-Iraq War (1989-1988), Mousavi attended a meeting with a group of commanders of the Iran-Iraq war, calling for people’s “sacrifice” in order to attain freedom and justice.
Mousavi called on Islamic Republic authorities to commit to the “complete execution of the third Article of the Constitution” which discusses people’s equal rights, protection of citizens, women’s rights, prohibition of restrictions on freedom of thought and freedom of the press. He addressed the authorities saying: “You cannot rein in the internal and foreign problems of the country by merely closing down newspapers and filling up the prisons. Respecting the nation and the inherent dignity of human beings is the first step toward reform.”
Mousavi insisted that the Green Movement does not exclude any part of the Iranian nation and “its demands of freedom and justice will only be realized through an all-encompassing national unity.” The former Prime Minister also condemned renewed Western efforts to implement more sanctions against Iran saying: “We cannot agree with sanctions that will affect the lives of our people.”

source: Radio Zamaneh

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