Mousavi: “Problems made Iranian people become one”

14 May 2010

During a meeting between Mir-Hossein Mousavi and a group of families of political prisoners, Iran’s opposition leader spoke about the government’s recent granting of visas to the mothers of the American hikers held in Iran. He praised the move but added that “issuing visas for the mothers of these three individuals and allowing them to pay a visit is a very good thing and it is the right of all mothers and we encourage this action, but the question is: ‘why don’t Iranian mothers enjoy the same rights?’” According to the opposition website Kaleme, Mousavi sad that these questions and the country’s economic, political and foreign policy problems are all linked together. He also stressed that “in the last year, the role of women and mothers in dealing with the country’s fundamental concerns has been significant.”

The 2009 presidential candidate spoke out against the use of violence while adding that he condemned terrorism regardless of “which group, ethnic group, tribe or culture they belong to. Our movement is a peaceful one and does not seek violence. One year after its birth, you can judge and see how important the Green Movement’s consistency is in being nonviolent. This Movement is opposed to terror and killings.”

Mousavi said the goals pursued by the people after last year’s presidential election had changed. “The people’s demands have not increased by accident or anger, but because of an examination of what had occurred within society. People realised that there were problems in the country and only one of these problems caused them to pour into the streets and become one. In order to reach a consensus among the massive groups of the people, we brought up the issue of the full implementation of the constitution, so that a great number of people could become one.”

The former prime minister once again called for the full implementation of the Iranian constitution and said that neglecting parts of it meant rendering the whole constitution “meaningless”. In his opinion, the disregard for the constitution is the reason why a recent corruption case was swept under the carpet despite the fact that both the head of judiciary and Members of Parliament had acknowledged its existence. Recently, it was revealed that Ahmadinejad’s first Vice President Mohammad Reza Rahimi was involved in a massive corruption ring, yet no judicial action was taken against him.

The Green Movement leader also questioned the Judiciary’s commitment to justice and impartiality and asked, “Is the judiciary really moving towards independence? Is the judiciary taking any action in relation to those lately accused? Is it the judiciary that controls the armed forces or vice versa? Are the judiciary rulings independent or based on certain considerations? If so, then why is it that a person is sentenced to many years in prison for having taken part in protests, while millions also participated in the same demonstrations? All of these issues question the impartiality of the judiciary.”

Mousavi maintained that any reform or freedom in the country was closely linked with having free media and he criticised the high rate of executions in the country. “The problem is not the individuals; the problem is that we have governed the country in such a way that we have come to this point.”

‘Torture and forced confession both exist today’

During the meeting, Mousavi stressed that even “the most criminal” of people should be treated with human dignity. “They should be punished in accordance with the crime they have committed. But their families and their dignity should not be violated.” While addressing the relatives of political prisoners, Mousavi said, “this is what is occurring in our country. Your brothers and loved ones are in prison without ever having committed any crime because they made no unreasonable claims, and yet they were still arrested. The issue doesn’t end there because even the treatment they receive is not in accordance with the alleged charges against them. Torture and forced confessions exist, and so does assault on prisoner families. It is the right of a family to know where its children are imprisoned and what their condition is. But this right is being violated.”

Once again, Mousavi called on authorities to return to the side of the people as the best option for saving the country from its current turmoil, including its mismanaged foreign policy. “Won’t the state’s foreign policy options increase if it reconciles with the people? We expected the authorities to be concerned with the families of those who have suffered more than anyone else, and to investigate the committed crimes. But by blaming Israel and the United States, they only increase the country’s problems. We were not supposed to rule the people, but the people were supposed to rule. Changes were meant to take place based on the people’s demands. We must be afraid of a day when pressure and restrictions are considered as the way out.”

source: The Green Voice of Freedom

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