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Karroubi: “Judiciary lacks independence”

۲۰ اردیبهشت ۱۳۸۹

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In a meeting with the family of political prisoner Milad Asadi, opposition leader Mehdi Karroubi has said that the Iranian judiciary’s harsh treatment of the people demonstrates the judiciary’s loss of its independence under political pressure. Karroubi spoke to the parents of Milad Asadi, a member of the central council of the Office for Fostering Unity, about their son’s condition in prison as well as his legal case. Asadi’s father described his son’s physical condition as “very good” but complained about his ongoing detention and the third postponement of his court date. “We can’t do anything because we have no access to the judge who is handling the case and we must painfully witness the imprisonment of our son. We don’t know to who or where we should refer to. They won’t even allow us to meet with the judge. Is this justice?”
The student’s mother also complained about the lack of transparency in her son’s case and the reoccurring postponement of his court trial. “We are seeking our child’s release even on bail, but his trial keeps being postponed and we don’t have access to anyone to speak to them about our pain.”
Karroubi criticised the judiciary’s conduct, especially towards students and the youth. “Unfortunately, the continuation of this trend and the harsh treatment of the people is a sign of the judiciary’s lack of independence in these [post-election] matters. In the eyes of the people and the constitution, these youngsters are not criminals. This is a very difficult period. But know and be sure that it is more difficult for them,” Karroubi said, referring to the authorities. The chairman of the reformist National Trust Party maintained that instead of managing and developing the country, the authorities were thinking of further tightening their grip on the population and adding to the current threats and pressures.
In the end, Karroubi expressed hope that the country’s problems would be resolved in the near future and that all political prisoners would be set free.
Milad Asadi was arrested on 30 October 2009 and has been in prison since. His group the Office for Fostering Unity endorsed Mahdi Karroubi’s bid for the 2009 presidential election.

source: The Green Voice of Freedom

Tehran Review
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