Harsh prison sentences for Iranian students

8 May 2010

Advar news reacted to the denial by the Iranian government’s of the existence of detained students by publishing the names of 32 imprisoned students. According to this report, 24 of the detained students have together been sentenced to 71 years in prison; one has been sentenced to execution, and the rest are in an undetermined state in prison.
Mahmoud Molabashi, Deputy in charge of students’ affairs at the Ministry of Science told reporters last week that only a “very limited number of students” are currently in prison. In the past eleven months, at least 600 students were arrested for protests against the alleged fraud in the 2009 presidential elections and anti-government protests. Names and identities of 200 imprisoned students have so far been published in various media reports.
According to a report by Amir Kabir Newsletter, at least 240 students were arrested in Mashad within two days last December. Tens more were arrested in other cities during those days. In the first few days after the June elections, scores of students were also arrested at Tehran University dorm.

source: Radio Zamaneh

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