Worst freedom of press rating for Iran in 30 years

30 Apr 2010

The world’s press became less free in 2009, experiencing another year of setbacks. Among the top offenders were Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Belarus, Iran, and Russia. That’s according to a new report by the Washington-based think tank Freedom House, which annually measures print, broadcast, and Internet freedom in 196 countries.
“This year, we found, globally, another year of downturn,” says Christopher Walker, Freedom House’s director of studies. “This was the eighth successive year where overall declines outweighed gains.” The Freedom House report assigns a numerical ranking to each country based on legal, political, and economic factors, and considers regulations that restrict media content, editorial pressure by the government, intimidation of journalists, and the structure of media ownership.
The findings show that in 2009 only one in six people lived in a country with a free press. That represents a slight decline worldwide compared to the previous year. Fueling the trend were efforts by repressive or semi-repressive governments to consolidate existing control over the media — from Africa to Central Asia and beyond
Iran, where the press environment has been designated as “not free” since 1982, received its worst rating in the 30-year history of the survey. It was ranked as the 10th most repressive country for media in the world in 2009, a reflection of the widespread crackdown on journalists after the disputed reelection of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Dozens of journalists – including editors, reporters, photographers, and bloggers – remain in Iranian jails, some charged with offenses that carry the death penalty. The government has also repeatedly blocked satellite transmissions and restricted Internet and mobile-telephone communication.

source: Radio Free Europe

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