Khamenei will “bring enemies to their knees”

22 Apr 2010

In a meeting with a group of Iranian nurses yesterday, Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei lashed out against President Barack Obama’s comment earlier in April that Iran and North Korea were not excluded from a possible US nuclear attack. Khamenei said that “Iran will bring its enemies to their knees.”
According to Fars news, a pro-government news agency closely linked to the Islamic Revolutionary Guards, Khamenei added that “implicit threats of a nuclear attack will have no impact on the Iranian people. This threat, however, is a dark stain on the political history of the United States and a dark spot on the report card of this administration.”
Khamenei asked the international community not to ignore President Obama’s threats and said, “With what right does the U.S. president threaten to nuke the Iranian people? This is a threat to world peace and security and no one should even dare to voice such threats.” During the past couple of years, Khamenei has re-issued his past religious decree banning the production and use of nuclear weapons in an effort to show Iran’s interest only in peaceful nuclear technology and not nuclear weapons.
Since the new US nuclear strategy was announced in early April, Iranian authorities have reacted sharply by using fierce rhetoric to condemn President Obama’s comments. Last week during the Military Day parade in Tehran, Ahmadinejad stood under a banner which quoted Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, the founder of the Islamic Republic, as saying, “America cannot do a damn thing!” He said: “Men much bigger than you couldn’t do anything. You have your own special place now!”

source: insideIran

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