Mousavi: “Islamic Republic is losing legitimacy”

9 Apr 2010

Opposition leader Mir-Hossein Mousavi has said that the Islamic Republic is losing its “credibility and legitimacy.” In his opinion, people have become doubtful regarding their beliefs in the “foundations of the system” and “people’s trust” in the government has been destroyed.
Neday Sabz Azadi Website reports that Mousavi, speaking for a group of Mojahedin of the Islamic Revolution MPs, said: “The regime is experiencing difficulties and the reflection of these difficulties goes far beyond the street protests.” He added that one of the main problems is that the establishment believes that ending the street protests will also put an end to the demands of protesters.
Mousavi maintained that the Green Movement demands a complete return to the provisions of the constitution and added: “The principles of the constitution that guarantee people’s rights and deal with political and media charges can lead to an all-inclusive community within the movement.”
Addressing the government, he said: “The least costly path to run the country is allowing for freedom of assembly, the media as well as civil and labour organizations, instead of opposing and oppressing them.”
On the issue of the future of the Green Movement, Mousavi stated: “We must propose and review clear ideas and persevere in their promotion. We must also find ways to proceed with greater organization.”
He insisted that “we must persist until the problems are solved.” He said: “The people have paid a high price in the recent events and because their goals are set high, they are used to bearing such heavy costs.”

source: Radio Zamaneh

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