Iran’s Supreme Leader: “Unrest orchestrated by foreigners”

23 Mar 2010

In his new year’s message on Sunday, ayatollah Khamenei again pointed at foreigners as the source of the political upheaval that Iran has been facing since the presidential election of June 2009. “This time, they concentrated all their efforts on destroying the Islamic Republic from within, but the resistance of the people has shown that they will not succeed.” Talking from the holy city of Mashhad, home of the Shrine of the 8th Shia Imam Reza, he said: “I am not accusing anybody. But I know the pattern of work of our enemy. And both the people of Iran and autonomous analysts are pointing at the foreign powers as the source of unrest.” Referring to the call of the American president Barack Obama of cooperation between the two states in his Noruz message of last year and this year, Khamenei said: “All these statements haven already proven to be false, when the American president chose the worst possible position in his reaction to Iran’s presidential election.”
Condemning America’s position toward the violations of human rights in Iran, the Supreme Leader said: ”While they are going on with their massacres in Ghaza, Afghanistan and Iran, they are still talking about human rights and warning other countries about violating human rights. Their record gives them no right to speak about this subject!”

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