Rahnavard: “Government illegitimate and reactionary”

12 Mar 2010

In an interview with Kalameh, the website of Mir-Hossein Mousavi, Zahra Rahnavard (Mousavi’s wife and a key figure of the Green Movement) called Ahmadinejad’s cabinet illegitimate. She also called the government’s plans, measures and laws it is trying to pass unfriendly towards women and reactionary.
“The mind of this government is fundamentally reactionary. These people belong to a fraction within the Islamic community that for many years has been involved in suppressing any dissident voice and has killed and accused people who disagreed with their view. Unfortunately, they are not just a fraction anymore. They are in the centre of power and they don’t care about how others think. However, even if it seems that in the short run they are in control, they will be definitely defeated in the long run. They will not succeed to govern unjustly and reactionary in the name of Islam. Islam is a progressive religion and has the potential of interpretation. It can adjust to time and place and it can be in harmony with modernity. There have been many dictatorial regimes in Iran’s history who tried to intimidate and suppress the unsatisfied people but at the end they have been destroyed by their own injustice. I hope that this is not going to be the destiny of the Islamic Republic of Iran, a state for whose ideals I have sympathy.”

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