Developing and challenging new ideas on Iranian society, democracy and  religion related to art and politics by multi-media works, (e-)print publishing and related e-magazines and by organizing public and professional meetings.

News, Views & Analysis about Iran and related regional politics

TehranReview (TR) is a weekly  web magazine and a virtual think tank. It covers one of the most challenging countries in the world: the Islamic Republic of Iran. Our core concern is not only to bring news from Iran, but foremost give a high quality stage to views and voices of Iranian citizens, intellectuals and experts. Our target: the interested and involved public all around the Globe. That is why TehranReview is bilingual and will be accessible both in Persian and in English.

Also, TR will challenge and invite non-Iranian opinion makers and intellectuals to encounter their colleagues from Iran and have a debate with them. We believe that the contemporary thinking about and political action towards Iran is too much based on stereotypes. There is a big need to get Iran and Iranians involved in the World and to share with the global public what is going on in the mind of Iranians.

For its activities TR draws on an extensive network of freelancers, both at home and abroad, including philosophers, scientists, writers, journalists, artists etc. TehranReview’s good reputation is in fact partly based on its extensive network of contributors. Based on very legitimate motives, they will be our anonymous colleagues and supporters.


TehranReview started its activities on March 1st, 2010.


  1. Mansur Arshama says:

    Found your site through PBS (Mr Nekuee’s excellent media critic).
    Very interesting articles and analysis.
    Site jadid mobarak bashad!

    ba sepas

  2. shad says:


    با درود،
    چند پیشنهاد در رابطه با سالگرد خرداد ۸۸.
    ۱- مرا سمها به مدت یک هفته باشند.
    ۲- گروه‌ها ی مختلف، در شهر‌ها ی خود مرا سم داشته باشند.
    ۳- دعوت، از ،کرد‌ها ی ترکیه ، ترکیه ا ی ها،عرب ها،ملیتها ی آفریقا ایی و دوستان و تشکلها ی کشور محل مهاجرت در مرا سمها ی سا لونی .
    ۴-این با ر ما به افتخار هموطنان داخل ،مرا سم و اعتراضات را از ۲۰ و یا ۲۱ خرداد باید آغاز کنیم .
    ۵-بعقیده من ۲۵ خردا د ۸۸ که ملت علیه نطق فا شیستی خامنه ا ی ،قیام کرد،باید بعئوان روز قیام ملی‌ ایران علیه فا شیم نا‌ مگذر ا ر ی شود .
    ۶-در مراکز شهر‌ها و منزا ها باید اجازه برقراری میز ها ی افشا گری را از ۲۰ تا ۳۰ خردا داشته باشیم .
    ۷-اجازه میز‌ها و مرا سمها از ۲۰ تا ۳۰ خردا د به این خاطر است که ما از حکومت زودتر وارد صحنه شویم که در صورت در گیری در داخل ما در صحنه باشیم و سریع و ا کنش بشن دهیم .

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